Maria Vender

Università di Verona, Italy

“Dyslexia as a source of inequality: Research avenues for a more inclusive society”

Maria Vender is Assistant Professor in Educational Linguistics ​​at the University of Verona. Her research interests concern the acquisition and processing of language in both typical and atypical contexts, as well as the development of language and literacy skills of people with a migrant background. In particular, she studies the linguistic and cognitive competence of children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as developmental dyslexia and developmental language disorder, and she investigates the interaction of these disorders with bilingualism. She is author of two monographs (“Disentangling Dyslexia: Phonological and Processing Impairment in Developmental Dyslexia” and “Bilingualism Matters: Language Learning across the Lifespan”), and a number of research studies on this topic.