About the organizers

All things being equal, Konstanz wouldn’t be the first place to go… but things aren’t equal!

Join us for In_equality Conference 2024

Cluster of Excellence – The Politics of Inequality

The gap separating the poor from the rich, the worldwide rise of populism, the division of burdens in the fight against climate change, unfairly distributed access to education – many current debates are as much about inequality as anything. These topics pose highly complex questions, yet scientifically grounded answers are still few and far between. This is where we come in to investigate “The Politics of Inequality”: the political causes and consequences of inequality.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for hosting the In_equality Conference 2024, makes all program decisions, and extends their invitation to all speakers and guests. The Steering Committee consists of:

Prof. Dr. Marius Busemeyer (Speaker), Prof. Dr. Gabriele Spilker (Co-Speaker), Prof. Dr. Sebastian Findeisen, Prof. Dr. Tanja Kupisch, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hinz, Sophia Stutzmann (ECR Representative), Dr. Nadja Wehl (ECR Representative)

Organizing Team

The Organizing Team is responsible for implementing and organizing all aspects of the event.

Conference Manager