Nadja Mosimann

University of Zurich

“Attitudes of union members towards inequality and electoral demand for redistribution”

Nadja Mosimann works as senior researcher at the Chair of Swiss Politics and Comparative Political Economy of Prof. Silja Häusermann. She has received a PhD from the University of Geneva in December 2017 for her doctoral thesis “Solidarity in Times of Inequality: Trade Union Politics and Union Membership Effects.” During her dissertation, she was a teaching assistant in comparative politics at the University of Geneva and spent 2015 as visiting scholar at Nuffield College, Oxford.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Nadja otained a Master’s degree in political science, economic and social history, and international law from the University of Zurich. During her MA studies, she worked as research assistant at fög – Forschungsbereich Öffentlichkeit und Gesellschaft and teaching assistant in comparative politics, social research methods, mass communication and media research, as well as modern and non-European history at the University of Zurich.

Her research in Zurich focuses on the effects of group membership on political knowledge, preferences, and participation in the context of inequality. Simultaneously, she works at the University of Geneva as a post-doctoral researcher in the ERC project “Unequal Democracies” directed by Prof. Jonas Pontusson.

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