Katrijn Siderius

Goethe University Frankfurt
Credit-Anna Kluge|

Katrijn Siderius is a PhD researcher at the Institute of Political Science, Goethe University Frankfurt. Her research interests include the political economy of the transition to a sustainable economy, the politics of (public) finance and the influence of non-political actors, especially bureaucrats, on public policy. Next to writing her dissertation, Katrijn participates in the DFG funded project ‘Ministries of Finance and the Politics of Welfare State Reform’ (PI: Julian Garritzmann).

Katrijn graduated in 2018 as MA of Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Konstanz (double degree with Utrecht University), with a focus on Political Economy, European Union governance and methods. Before joining the Institute of Political Science, Katrijn was a policy advisor at the Nederlandsche Bank, the central bank and financial supervisor of the Netherlands, where she worked in the area of banking supervision and central bank risk management.