Juliet-Nil Uraz

London School of Economics

“Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities in Algeria, Iraq, and Turkey, 1990-2019”

Juliet is a M.Phil./PhD. Candidate in the department of Social Policy where her research focuses on access to justice, public economics, and inequality in comparative and historical perspective. She is supported by an LSE Studentship and a member of the International Inequalities Institute Doctoral Programme.

Before joining the LSE, Juliet contributed to the World Political Cleavages and Inequality (WPID.world) book project, in which she explored electoral dynamics and inequality in Turkey, Iraq, and Algeria.
Prior to that, she worked at the European Systemic Risk Board, a regulatory authority hosted by the European Central Bank that is responsible for the macroprudential oversight of the EU’s financial system. There, she was involved in monitoring financial risks related to emerging third countries.

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