Katrín Árnadóttir

Leuven university, Belgium

“How positive and negative intergroup contact jointly inform minority support for social change: The role of system-fairness beliefs”

Katrín Árnadóttir is a post-doc at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium. She obtained her PhD from the university of Leuven in 2023. In her PhD, she investigated how minority experiences of positive and negative intergroup contact and their interplay inform both intergroup relations and intergroup (in)equality across various intergroup contexts. Her research interests also include how contextual and individual characteristics such as intergroup climates and ideologies affect intergroup relations and support for social change. In her current post-doc position within a multidisciplinary team, she will investigate how such characteristics inform majority group members‘ support for the inclusion or exclusion of ethnic minority group members in Belgium.