Climate-neutral Concept

In_equality Conference 2024 is a climate-neutral event!

Join us for In_equality Conference 2024

In our commitment to environmental sustainability, the Inequality Conference 2024 is organised as climate-neutral event. We are following the guiding principle of “Avoid, Reduce, Compensate” to minimize our carbon footprint.


  • Hybrid Concept: Experience the conference digitally on a comprehensive online platform featuring all talks, keynotes, posters, and information, fostering networking in the digital realm.
  • Online Participation: Join from anywhere free of charge, reducing the need for flights and long-distance travel.
  • Paper-Free: No printed materials to minimize resource consumption.


  • Sustainable Dining: Vegetarian menu with local and regional products.
  • Eco-Friendly Travel: We encourage participants to travel by train, promoting lower-emission transportation methods.

Only those emissions that cannot be prevented are offset (see below for more information on the calculation):



  • Compensation Project: In collaboration with BUND Niedersachsen e.V., we support the rewetting of a moor (“Poldergrünland“) to offset unavoidable emissions.
  • Environmental Impact: Over 25 years, this project aims to save 4,840 tonnes of CO2 equivalents across 140,000 m2.
  • Project Measures: By rewetting the area and implementing earth banks to retain rainwater, we’re closing off agricultural drainage systems and restoring vital ecosystems.


The emissions that cannot be prevented will be offset based on a sound calculation. Aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an internationally recognized emission standard defining Scopes 1-3, we will assess the sources of GHG emissions for the Inequality Conference 2024. These emissions will then be categorized according to the three scopes and multiplied by their respective emission factors. In total, approximately 90 tonnes of GHG emissions are anticipated.

Precise determination of the actual emissions produced can only occur after the event. Identifying a suitable offsetting project proves challenging due to the lack of a uniform global standard. Various certificates exist, yet unfortunately, there is also considerable “greenwashing.”

Given these challenges, we have opted for a project based in Germany, facilitated by BUND, a reputable provider. This project involves the sequestration of CO2, thereby ensuring sustainable emission reduction. Each tonne of CO2 sequestered incurs a cost of EUR 70.00 for the selected project. BUND Niedersachsen e.V.’s project meets several crucial criteria deemed essential for compensation projects, including additionality, project durability, transparency, a robust calculation basis, and additional positive effects.