Perceptions of Inequalities and Justice in Europe (PIJE)

About this Session


Thu. 07.04. 10:00



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This panel is the result of a cooperation with the project “Perceptions of Inequalities and Justice in Europe” (PIJE). It features three presentations of various aspects covered by the PIJE project group.

10.00: Welcome and introduction to the PIJE Project (Stefan Liebig)

10.10: “Inequity aversion – unfair inequality and its consequences” (Fabian Kalleitner & Sandra Bohmann)

10.35: “How just are welfare regimes? The justice perception of the redistribution of earnings in Europe” (Cristóbal Moya & Carsten Sauer)

11.00: “Perceptions of fair opportunities on the labour market across Europe – Determinants and Consequences” (Sandra Bohmann & Bernhard Kittel)

11.25: Concluding discussion